Water over a milky way

Paramos are high Andean mountain ecosystems located in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Cities like Bogotá, capital of Colombia, depend mainly on water from these ecosystems to supply with water to more than 8 million people. I took this picture while studying mountain tapirs in Puracé, National Park, south western Colombia, some years ago. I liked the beautiful colors of the vegetation and, of course, the transparency of the water while flowing over a milky bed of sulfur from a nearby volcano. I wanted to share it as my first post for Watery Wednesday.

I met Suricates

I loved to meet in person a group of suricates or slender-tailed meerkats (Suricatta suricatta) at the Cali Zoo a few days ago. I liked to see their fast movements and how they stare and then run fast with exact movements. This carnivore species is native from Africa (Angola, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa) where it lives in dry areas. They live in colonies in borrows excavated by themselves or shared with other species. Suricates seems to enjoy the sun! An that’s what I saw at Cali Zoo.